Land drainage experts have experienced some of their busiest months with the number of enquiries seen by land drainage contractors William Morfoot doubling against the figures from last year. The images we’ve seen across the whole of the country really have told the story of this year, but it really is devastating when you think of the financial implications to many – including those in the agricultural industry.

And the call outs conducted by the specialists aren’t particularly for routine operations, but have most likely been caused by the number of issues that have arisen following the downpour in recent months. Whether that be help with completely waterlogged fields or a tractor or other machinery to rescue from a pool of standing water the severity and frequency of problems related to poorly drained land have only increased over the past few months.

2012 has really highlighted the importance of a solid and thorough land drainage system, one which is planned out from year to year with specific tasks set to ensure that the situations that we have seen this year do not continue to develop year on year. In times of serious flooding, land drainage can only offer a solution so far, but it can certainly help to ease the problems surrounding heavy downpours and ensuring that as little harm is done to the potential yield of the crops as possible.

Land drainage experts are recommending that those working in the agricultural begin to think of a long-term strategy, rather than a short-term one to ensure that their call outs aren’t been deemed as ‘emergencies’ but as routine operations. This may mean putting a budget into place to ensure that there is room for the expense of the upkeep of ditches and land drainage systems so that they can deal with any difficult conditions Mother Nature throws at them.


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